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Another unfortunate case of a hot girl who got married and had children too young. Dolcee's always been a stay at home mom but now that her young ones are back in school and her inattentive husband practically lives at the office (not that it matters, she’s faked the last few orgasms with him), she is starting to get pretty crazy. Having so much time allows her mind to wander and as they say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. She loves purposely breaking things in the house so a repair man has to come over. She always manages to pay him in intense blow jobs. If he has time, she’ll hoist her skirt up and demand that he fuck her right where they are. (If the kitchen and the bathrooms could talk!!) She also knows that you are missing something in your life too and thinks the two of you could be good together. Give her a call and she’ll liven your day. She’ll even tell you about all the nasty, slutty things she does while her husband is gone.

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